Dr. Ehsan Bayat

Ehsan BayatA successful telecommunications entrepreneur in his native Afghanistan, as well as in the United States, Dr. Ehsan Bayat currently heads Florida-based Telephone Systems International. In an effort to improve communications across Afghanistan, Dr. Ehsan Bayat spearheaded a partnership with the Afghan Ministry of Communications to create Afghan Wireless Communication Company in 2002. Under Dr. Bayat’s stewardship, Afghan Wireless has become one of the largest cellular phone and Internet providers in the country with over 3 million subscribers.

Three years after launching Afghan Wireless, Dr. Ehsan Bayat founded Ariana Radio and Television Network. Established to share news and information about Afghanistan’s progress after the fall of the Taliban with people across the country, the Ariana Radio and Television Network is the largest television and radio station in the country. Committed to fostering education and increasing understanding for as many people as possible, Mr. Bayat pioneered the idea of broadcasting news in three different languages: Dari, Pashtu, and English. Today, at least a quarter of Ariana Radio and Television is dedicated to education-based programming focusing on topics such as computer and language training, health advice, and business skills.

Dr. Bayat’s commitment to helping the people of Afghanistan extends far beyond his professional endeavors. As head of the NGO Bayat Foundation, he participates in a number of programs designed to assist people in need. Mr. Bayat’s efforts have resulted in various awards, including the 2010 Mahatma Ghandi Humanitarian Award from the Friends of the South Asian American Communities and the 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the Canada-Afghanistan Business Council.

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    In the years following the 1989 withdrawal

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